Monday, August 31, 2009


THE BRIDGE is a poetry "magazine" that is more of a mag than a zine.

It is based out of Brooklyn, NY and is run by Kelly Ginger.

Taking short fiction, short nonfiction, poetry (of all lengths), art (to print in full color!), and one acts during the months of September-December.

I'm asking you to be the ferryman. (Please see quote at the top of the page). So, the writing should revolve around being between two places (or being in one place/seeing another). This is hard to explain, but I feel like the quote works nicely. Please email me with any questions if you find this to be too vague.

Please send submissions to w/the subject line THE BRIDGE: SUBMISSIONS (& date)

You ask me, what do I get in return? Some copies. That's what. About three or four of them.


  1. Hey Kelly, I'd love to help out. This is Tim Carroll from BC's 2nd year (currently) poetry crew. I am a computer dummy all the way so I do I go about submitting poems? In this comment box? A seperate email? Telepathy? Good luck!

  2. Tim, just send an email to w/the subject line "submissions"